Africain (110m²)

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African art combines a formal structure of great strength with an exceptional freedom of expression. The objective is not to represent the gods, nor to depict the power of priests. The role of art in Africa is to ensure the immediate stability of life.

This means that art must be functional, that it must contain a part of the universal life force within itself.

The African Lodge was conceived and decorated as a representation of this ideal, and it is filled with treasures.. masks, statues, paintings, games, fetishes, and pottery…that will surround you with the twin elements of African art, strength and balance.
The statues convey a sense of tranquillity, with their eyes closed in quiet introspection.

Art Déco (110m²)

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A tribute to the years following the First World War, when one world had perished and another was coming to life. This period brought about major changes in the decorative arts, most particularly in furniture design. Cubism and Fauvism were also important influences. Architects sought simplicity, geometric form, and structural coherence.

A building’s form was meant to express its function, without superfluous ornamentation. Art Nouveau was composed of undulating forms, detailed and based upon nature, whereas Art Deco used geometry stripped of all unnecessary decoration.

The “garçonne”, or free woman, is a symbol of the Art Deco period, which inaugurated women’s rights. For men and women alike who admire the beauty of the female form, this Lodge is an evocation of the exciting and creative 1920′s. With its refined shapes and hidden niches, it will plunge you into an atmosphere of rarefied beauty.

Egyptien (90m²)

Luxury Egyptian Lodge in palmeraie hotel Marrakech

Egypt is the first of the great civilisations in the history of Mankind. It seems to our modern eyes to have appeared and then disappeared, after achieving its cultural apogee. It is the “Mother of Mankind.” Although Egypt’s influence was felt throughout the ancient world, it still gives the impression of having a solitary and isolated destiny. The spirit of Egypt is vast, absolute, somnolent…it has left an indelible mark on human history, a sense of inspired geometric perfection. As a tribute to these people of the desert and the Nile valley, we have created a lodge that combines opulence and noble materials. The architecture is based upon harmonious geometry. The colours of ancient Egypt, black and red and yellow, will welcome you into this timeless space.


Stay in Lodge Master's Lodge, Hotel Marrakech

Inspired by the tent of the Caid, this lodge evokes all the splendours of his feasts. This tent was used by the tribes of the Atlas Mountains for celebrations, such as marriages, which might last for many days and nights. The tradition of hospitality demanded that all guests be welcomed as royalty, and splendid carpets and decorations from all of the ancient world were brought out for the occasion.

In this lodge, all is larger than life…a bathroom with its own chimney and patio..a vast library next to the bar…a central fireplace in the royal living room…even a fully-equipped study for those who wish to pursue their projects…and an elegant dressing room for the ladies.

Balinais (150m²)

Lodge Balinais in luxury hotel Marrakech