Africain (110m²)

Enjoy your stay at lodge Africain, into luxury hotel in Marrakech

The powerful and evocative atmosphere of the African lodge will remind you of the days of the great explorers such as Livingstone and Stanley. Even Hemingway would have enjoyed a stay here. A multitude of masks and statues, decked weaves, beautiful cheetah portraits, all reminiscent of colonial times will transport you on a safari. If you have a romantic soul, you will feel immediately transported on the Kenyan farm of Danish writer Karen Blixen and the movie “Out of Africa”. The ceiling with its ocher cotton fabrics gives the illusion of a dreamlike camp and matches the chocolate tones of the sofas. Earth tones, ocher, gold, copper, colors from the savannah dominate the room. Lying on the canopied bed decorated with linen curtains, African memories will become yours.

Art Déco (110m²)

Unforgettable vacation into luxury hotel Marrakech

Sober, comfortable and elegant, the lodge Art Deco wonderfully recalls a 1930’s atmosphere highlighted by strong decoration accents of the era. The furniture featuring pure and dynamic geometric shapes, the remarkably integrated modular fireplace, the canopy bed resting on a square base, leather club chairs and precious wood veneers, the noble and contrasting materials, all is designed to suspend you outside of time. You will particularly appreciate the presence of a magnificent bronze piece by the sculptor François Pompon and the beautiful collection of musical instruments. The refinement and the quality of the decorative elements underline the modernity, attractiveness and vitality of that great era.

Egyptien (90m²)

Luxury Egyptian Lodge in palmeraie hotel Marrakech

In the Egyptian lodge, you will feel like Napoleon camping in the desert at the foot of the Giza pyramids. The Egyptian lodge is ideal for a honeymoon. You will relive the atmosphere of ancient Egypt in this decor made of black tadelakt, symbol of rebirth and fertility. A black sofa in colt skin faces a tubular fireplace flanked by two imposing Ming vases. For an instant, you may imagine Cleopatra lying on the canopy bed behind the veil of black organza woven with gold threads. Huge flappers in ostrich feathers, large candelabras, fabrics with rich symbolic colors; so many elements worthy of a Verdi opera decor that will immerse you in Pharaonic Egypt …


Stay in Lodge Master's Lodge, Hotel Marrakech

The Master’s lodge is aptly named since it has all the majesty of the kaidal tent used by notables traveling across the country in olden days. The largest in terms of living space, the Master’s lodge offers the warmth and splendor reserved for the guests attending Oriental celebrations. Dedicated workers will find a corner office offering complete tranquillity. Rich draperies, Berber kilim carpets, silky sofas, an Arabian style fireplace; a truly Arabian Nights palace. In this luxury campsite with its sandy colors, you may hear the call of the desert and acquire a nomadic soul … Your imagination will wander in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia through the books found in the library near the bar. In the lodge, you may feel like you would in a Bedouin camp on the road of Aqaba at the foot of the red sand dunes of the Wadi Rum desert, or among the ruins of the lost city of Petra …

Balinais (150m²)

Lodge Balinais in luxury hotel Marrakech

The Balinese lodge recreates the look of a traditional Indonesian house. We have been able to preserve the privacy of the garden and private swimming pool and fully orient the lodge to the outside. Flooded with light, it is the only lodge which has large windows offering unparalleled views of its private pool. The decor of the living room and bedroom do honor to Javanese arts and crafts while combining comfort and modernity. Spirituality abounds in the symbols surrounding us such as the Buddha head or the bronze gong, not to mention the olfactory atmosphere created by a plethora of imported wood: tamarind from India, litchi wood from China, thuya, palm, pine, black and white teak wood. The wall coverings are made of cedar adding definitely local accent the lodge. The wealth of materials, the thousand and one fabrics and the richness of colors covering the ceiling, reflect the carefully balanced cultural influence of Bali and Marrakech. Lying on the bed, the private swimming pool awaits at your feet …