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Luxury boutique hotels in Marrakech

Luxury, calm and sensuousness … These are the hallmarks of this special place located at the edge of Marrakech’s Palmeraie. Hidden by high cob walls, LodgeK  is a true garden of Eden that takes you into a timeless dreamworld. Pass the ocher entrance and its heavy wooden gate, five lodges and three suites situated in a rich greenery with palm trees, cacti, pine, coconut, olive trees, roses, but also bamboo, agaves, fig, mulberry and many other fruit trees, offer a magical journey on the footsteps of the great nineteenth century explorers and adventurers of Africa and the Far East.

A subtle atmosphere where the concern for privacy is essential and luxury is a must. Following this principle, the owners of the property saw to maintain ample space between each lodge with abundant vegetation. In the evening, on the path connecting them, an almost unreal atmosphere is experienced through the subtle and creative use of lighting. In the lodges of this boutique hotel Marrakech, chandeliers and delicately chiseled lamps create a dreamlike atmosphere enhanced by soft indirect lighting.


Fresh pool inside LodgeK Marrakech hotel

Through a maze of alleys across this garden of delights, one arrives to a huge inviting pool with crystal clear water. Finished in blue lagoon tadelakt with diameter of 20 meters, it features a tropical green island at its center.

Out of the pool, one can relax by languidly lounging under the sun on rattan beds shaped like weaved nests, or in comfortable long chairs and enjoy a tanning session surrounded by birdsong. At night, one falls asleep lulled by the thousand rustlings emanating from the park while dreaming of the great wilderness.

Lodges and Suites

Luxury suites hotel Marrakech

Further in the park, stand the lodges and suites apart from each other. Built like a historical film set by the famous designer Richard Cahours de Virgil and the hostess, its very theatrical design is a tribute to past times and their timeless myths.

Each lodge customs is impregnated of a different culture, combining the exoticism of a nomadic camp with modern comfort (air conditioning, adjustable lighting, centralized controls, large tadelakt brick bathrooms and fireplace facing the bath …). Opulent theatricality and careful staging are the guiding principle.


Hotel & SPA LodgeK 5* in Marrakech

Continue the journey of the senses and make a stop at the spa and enjoy its sumptuous and cosmopolitan care rituals. In a padded room created for maximum coziness or sheltered under a canopy of white curtains, your senses will be awakened by a wide range of massages; Oriental, Taoist, Balinese or Shiatsu … a vast selection guaranteed to help everyone to be in harmony with their “Ka”.

Of the many body care treatments available, you can choose, among many others, a relaxing Oriental pause with the Ritual of the Rose of Damascus, a beauty stopover in India featuring Himalayan salts and massages with essential oils such as Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood; a Creole Cruise with Scents of the Islands; a Mexican Getaway with pepper body scrubs; an aromatic relaxation in Provence with the fragrance of lavender and honey; unless, like slavic beauties, you succumb to the seduction of care with caviar from the Caspian Sea …


Mervelous boutique hotels in palm grove Marrakech

You will find in our spa Marrakech hotel shop all the products used in treatments (oil, cream, argan oil soap, ghassoul, …) as well as the accessories of the traditional hammam (kessa scrubbing glove, fouta towels, babouche (slippers) , pouches …).


Traditional hammam into luxury hotels in Marrakech

Hidden by vegetation, the aspect of the hammam will surprise you and remind you of an Etruscan tumulus. Sheltered from prying eyes, it is a wonderful place to enjoy a break and rejuvenate yourself. Symbol of oriental beauty, this extended steam bath will relax every muscle of your body, clean your skin and eliminate toxins from your system. The Lodge K hammam & SPA offers a unique and exceptional body scrub combining ayurvedic and oriental techniques. A soothing and relaxing effect is guaranteed.

Sports fans are not forgotten, a personal trainer is available to accompany them for a jog in the heart of the palm grove. Back at Lodge K hotel Marrakech, one can treats his aches in the hammam, followed by an ayurvedic massage, and then lounge on the terrace to the sound of music.